The Carolina Wildcats are a part of The Independant High School Athletic Association, which just completed its inaugural season.  Although the Wildcats didn't win the Conference Championship, we fought hard this season with a very young team.  There is some tough competition in this conference and we look forward to 2017.  The new Conference Website is up, go check it out here -


The Carolina Wildcats is an Independent High School team that participates in the high school sports for home-school students, private school students, and public school students.  The Wildcats play a highly competitive schedule against some of the best teams in North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and South Carolina.  We focus on student academic and Athletic Development for young Athletes.  Our focus and goal is to get the Athletes ready for the next level of competition.  With over 30 years of combined experince with the coaching staff and University and College connections, the investment into your Athletes future should not be over looked.




Even though the cost to play for the Carolina Wildcats is very affordable there are athletes who cannot afford the tuition due to financial hardship.  You can make an impact in one of these athlete’s lives by becoming their sponsor. In the process you will be helping these athletes to fulfill their dream of playing high school football and give them an opportunity to possibly get a college scholarship playing football.  Many of the teams that we play against have players who are being scouted by college recruiters; the athlete you sponsor may be noticed by one of these scouts.  We also film our games and the athlete can use this game film to send to college scouts and recruiters.  Another important aspect, you will be helping the athlete to be in a positive environment.  Yes, you really can make a difference in a young man’s life by becoming a sponsor of the Carolina Wildcats.